Upgrade Me (MOR012)
CD album + digital downloads
NB. 3 digital-only singles preceded the album release: All We Cannot Say (MOR009), Upgrade Me (MOR010) and Ragged Man (MOR011)

Man’s Man (MOR008)
Digital single


Viva Melodia (MOR007)
CD album + digital downloads


The Christmas Family Tree (MOR006)
Digital single (Cineplexx and Ally Kerr) 2009.


Amorino (MOR005)
Digital single 2009 featuring Amorino (Chris Coco remix).


Amorino (MOR004).
Limited edition CD single / Digital single. 29th September 2008. Featuring acoustic demo of “Everything I’ve Learned I Have Forgotten”.

There’s A World (MOR003).
Digital single. 28th April 2008.


Off The Radar (MOR002).
12-track album.
CD and digital release. 14th April 2008.

Could Have Been A Contender (MOR001).
Digital single and limited edition CD (*sold out). 30th April 2007. Featuring “Dislocation”.

Calling Out To You.
10-track album + bonus demo track (originally released on Neon Tetra Records) 2005.